+2UNIT 3 LESSON 3 STAMMER (Poem) K Satchidanandan

poet Satchidanandan speaks about his poem stammer

Video of the poem

Malayalam Vikku

Short Film Stammer


A Critical Appreciation of the poem

Stammer’ is a thought provoking poem written by K Sachidanandan, a well known poet and critic writing in Malayalam and English. He is considered as the pioneer of Modern Malayalam Literature. The poem Stammer was originally written in Malayalam with the title ‘Vikku’, and later it was translated into English by the poet himself.

In this poem the poet takes stammer as the main theme. He treats stammer not as a handicap but as a mode of speech. Word and meaning are different like word and deed. A word doesn’t have a fixed meaning. It is the speaker or the listener who makes different meanings to words. It would be difficult even for a linguist to analyse and explain the history of stammer. It would have started with the creation of man. When we stammer we give a different meaning to a listener, which is different from its literal meaning. The poet considers stammer as a sacrifice to the God of meanings. Unknowingly we make a sacrifice to a language by giving a different utterance of it. If all people stammer, it will become an accepted practice and later could be considered as mother tongue.

The poet says that the God must have stammered at the time of creation. He justifies this argument saying that all words of man are having different meanings. Sometimes we interpret rather misinterpret the words of others. Interpretations of these words are making a lot of problems in the society. It even causes a lot of destruction to society. Differences in perspectives also make us to give different utterance of the same word in different way. So words can be both constructive and destructive.

We pray and command differently and it appears different to people like poetry. He compares stammer with poetry. Poet speaks about the nature of poetry. Some people find it easy to understand the implied meaning of poem but for others it looks obscure and finds different interpretation to it.

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  1. What does the Poet think of stammer primarily?
  2. A) The poet thinks that stammer is not a handicap but a mode of speech.
  3. How does the poet link stammer and lameness beautifully to silence?
  4. A) The poet links stammer and lameness beautifully to silence. Stammer is like lameness. Lameness is the silence that falls between word and deed. In the same way the poet argues that stammer is the silence that falls between the word and its meaning.
  5. What according to the poet is a person doing when he stammers?
  6. A) According to the poet, when a person stammers, each time he is offering a sacrifice to the God of meanings.
  7. Why does the poet refer to the linguist here?
  8. A) A linguist is an expert in the language. But the poet says even a linguist is confused about the nature of stammer. He cannot state whether  stammer precedes or succeeds language. He is also confused thinking that stammer is a language in itself.
  9. When does stammer become a social phenomenon?
  10. A) When an entire community starts stammering, it becomes a social phenomenon.


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prepared by Joy peter

A stammer is no handicap.
It is a mode of speech.
A stammer is the silence that falls
between the word and its meaning,
just as lameness is the
silence that falls between
the word and the deed.
Did the stammer precede language
or succeed it?
Is it only a dialect or a
language itself? These questions
make linguists stammer.
Each time we stammer
we are offering a sacrifice
to the God of Meanings.
When a whole people stammer
stammer becomes their mother tongue:
as it is with us now.
God too must have stammered
when He created Man.
That is why all the words of man
carry different meanings.
That is why everything he utters
from his prayers to his commands
like poetry.


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