+2 UNIT 3LESSON 1 A THREE WHEELED REVOLUTION interview with Irfan Alam

A THREE WHEELED REVOLUTION-notes by REHNA MOL.R,GOVT.V&HSS,POOVAR Shared from http://ckrenglishclass.blogspot.in/2015/08/a-three-wheeled-revolution-notes-by.html



Irfan Alam, an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur is a man with a difference. He has deviated from the usual path of corporate business mentality to a socially responsible entrepreneurship. During his teenage years, he started Stock Trade Analysis and won a famous reality show, “Business Baazigar”in which he contested with a business proposal. The main idea behind the proposal was to organize the rickshaw sector and make it a profitable venture. He suggested on redesigning rickshaws and equipping it with music, newspapers, first aid kits, refreshments and advertisements. It created a revolution in the rickshaw sector. He was invited for the Presidential Entrepreneurship summit 2010 and Obama complimented him with the words as “you are doing a tougher job than me”.

The real journey to his success began with water. When he was seventeen years old, he hired a rickshaw on a summer afternoon. He was thirsty. He asked the rickshaw puller whether he would provide him water. He answered him that there was no such provision because he did not have money to buy and stack them. That moment made him to think about the plight of the rickshaw pullers. Thus in 2007,Samman was formed to organize and empower the rickshaw pulling industry under one shade and thereby improving their livelihood. It started with “no funds “but an “innovative “and “special thrill” for its members. The word Samman means respect or dignity to all. Alam strongly believed to bring the marginalized to the mainstream. The first aim was to change the concept of “rent” rickshaws to “own” rickshaws. They were given training on basic etiquette and traffic rules. They were also given insurances, id cards and uniforms. The money earned through advertisements and other amenities was divided between the rickshaw pullers and the Samman. It gave them a sense of belonging and empowerment.

The social venture thus became a social cause. Children of the operators and their spouses attended free evening classes called Samman Gyan. Innovative ideas like solar powered fibre glass rickshaws are a new attempt at present. The environmental friendly mode of transport has given a new identity and self esteem to the underprivileged. Some people enjoy success individually.There are people who are able to make others taste the fruits of their triumphs. Here Alam stands unique as a saviour for the downtrodden.



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