This video is the dramatized version of the story ‘Amigo Brothers’ by Piri Thomas, prescribed in the SCERT Standard XII English textbook. The boys of Neduveli HSS, Thiruvananthapuram scripted, played, shot the video, edited and directed under the supervision of their teacher Sajeena Shukkoor.
For music credits to Sethurama Iyer theme music.

A Presentation video


Title: AMIGO Spanish word means friend. So it means friends like brothers, It is taken from “Stories from El Barrio’ (1978) by Piri Thomas.

Writer: Piri Thomas (1928- 2011), spent 7 years in jail due to some criminal activities – reflected on the teachings of his parents – started dreaming positive – decided to use his street and prison experience to help the youth to avoid such a life of crime – travelled all over the world, giving lectures and workshops – wrote stories and poems – For him, writing became a tool to discover who he really was and to portray his Puerto Rican and African-American heritage – Thomas’ writings are all set where he grew up, in New York City. He writes about neighbourhoods that are heavily populated with Puerto Ricans and African Americans, such as Spanish Harlem and the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Thomas’ writing celebrates the strength and determination of the people in his community. – Best seller “Down These Mean Streets”, a memoir.

Theme: Do we really need a wall?

Shouldn’t we dare to go beyond the boundaries?

Characters: Antonio Criux & Felix Vargas – Common points: –two guys of 17 years old – like brothers – live in the same place, from lower East Side of Manhattan.

Physical features: Two entirely different

Antonio:- Fair, Lean, and lanky (thin and bony)

Felix:- Dark, short and Husky (big and strong)

Plot: A story of two friends who felt like brothers, Antonio Criux & Felix Vargas – best boxers of their club but only one can represent Golden Gloves Championship Tournament – a question of friendship or championship – only one winner – decide to fight but not ready to harm the other – to be friends but to fightthey split and work to get together after fight – Antonio with Aunt Lucy in the Bronx – fight their hardest in 3 rounds – equal – go out of the ring after the fight without waiting for the announcement of the name of the winner – “No matter what the decision, they knew they would always be champions to each other.”

Message: True friendship lasts for ever, even after a great fight.

Significance of the Title: The Spanish word ‘Amigo became very famous in English language through this story of two true friends, an apt title.

Explanation of some words

Golden Gloves Championship Tournament of New York :- A boxing tournament started in 1927 by Paul Gallico, a news paper writer. This tournament marks an amateure’s entry into boxing. George Foreman, and Muhammad Ali, etc, started their career with this tournament.

Puerto Rican: A person from Puerto Rico, a self governing commonwealth in the Caribbean which is a territory of United States, official name Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

the Lower East Side of Manhattan & the Bronx: (a borough of New York City, north of Manhattan):-

lower east of manhattan

tenement building: a run down apartment building in which mostly poor families live.

fair and square: an idiom combining two adjectives = in a fair way, following the rules

Knock out: (boxing) eliminate by a blow to the head

right cross, lefts, short right, left hook, left and rights, punching, :- different types of blows of boxing.

bobbed and weaved: bob= move gently and vertically, weave= move by turning and twisting

elimination bouts: matches to determine which boxers advance in a competition.

pulling punches: holding back in delivering blows.

barrage: n. a rapid, heavy attack

torrent: n. A violent, rushing stream

unbridled: adj. lacking restraint or control

bedlam: n. a noisy confusion

flail: v. to wave wildly

countered: gave a blow after receiving or blocking his opponent’s blow.

feinted: made a pretend attack to draw attention from his real purpose.

groggy: unsteady and shaky but willing to proceed.

tic-tac-toe: a game in which two players take turn putting circles and crosses.

pried: past form of pry = get something open or separate

Pound away: strike hard

Prepared by thomas a a, ghss kattoor, irinjalakuda, thrissur




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