+2 LESSON 1 THE 3LS OF EMPOWERMENT Christine Lagarde

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Focal Concept _ Importance of Women Empowerment

Learning Out Come
The learner demonstrates the ability to
• realise the role of women in the   progress of a nation.
• understand the components that make up a speech and the context in
which speeches are delivered.

All men have a task,
And to sing is my lot –
No meed from men I ask
But one kindly thought.
My vocation is high –
‘Mid the glasses that ring,
Still – still comes that reply,
Chant poor little thing.
My Vocation, Toru Dutt
However, in our country, there is the need for a sea change in the mindset and
attitude of the people to truly understand the meaning of women’s
empowerment. (From Handbook)



The 3Ls of Empowerment” is a speech done by Christine Lagarde the first woman Finance Minister of France. She exhorts us to take the challenges of the 21st century.

She underlines the importance of women’s empowerment. She identifies the economic role of women. At the same time she wonders at the plight of women. According to her women should be given equal opportunity. She feels disturbed at the modern- scenario. He says today women are blocked to contribute their talents. Women are denied equal opportunity. According to her a concerted effort will surely open the door to opportunity. She strongly recommends the 3Ls of women’s empowerment. They are learning, labour and leadership. She believes in the power of educating women. It will enable them to realize their power and break the chains of discrimination.

Next the speaker is confident of the labour to achieve women- empowerment. But she is not optimistic with today’s economic- scenario. Women are getting low payment, low status and low security jobs. She emphasizes an immediate change. The prime objective should be equal pay for equal work. She hopes for a change by eliminating gender gaps. She is optimistic that this would promote an increase in per capita income.

Finally the speaker points out that leadership is another important thing in empowering women. She firmly believes that leadership will enable them to rise and fulfill their inborn abilities and talents. It will really help them to fulfil their ambitions lin life. She is optimistic in women’s power of making good decisions with common agreement and long-term sustainability.

She concludes her speech emphasizing the fact that women must have confidence to come out of their comfort- zone. She should be ready to face any challenges and make difference in the society. She is really positive-minded to dream a world where women will reap the benefits with the above 3Ls of empowerment.

Prepared by Joy Peter

HSST English, St.Joseph’s HSS Pavaratty, Thrissur

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