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  • It is an essay written by Dr.Hardin B Jones
  • It is a warning against the excessive use of drugs.
  • Speaks about the people’s wrong notion of pills to cure any disease.
  • People use stimulant drugs at the time of nervousness.
  • People use drugs both at depressed time and good time.
  • It is only to forget the problems the people use drugs.
  • Medicines should be distinguished from sensual drugs
  • Accoring to Hippocrates, the Father of medicine, a remedy should treat not only the diseases but also the constitution of the patient.
  • The sensual drugs stimulate the brain’s pleasure centres and gets a strong sense of pleasure
  • Drugs really upset our sensations, moods, thoughts and actions.
  • Drugs never give total satisfaction.
  • There are lot of drug disorders.
  • Dirty needles and solutions can cause abscesses in the arms and veins.
  • The excessive use of drugs can cause liver disease, venereal disease and infection of the kidney and brain.
  • Sniffing cocaine and amphetamines can damage the tissue of the nose.
  • Marijuana and tobacco smoking can cause lung diseases.
  • Cocaine and amphetamines cause hair fall.
  • Marijuana can damage cells.
  • A drug addict will be troubled by pneumonia, tuberculosis, mal-nutrition and weight loss.
  • Overdose of any sensual drug can cause respiratory or cardiac failure and death.


  1. As part of sensitizing your friends on the harmful effects of drugs on the human body, you decide to collect information on the overuse of drugs and its health hazards. Write a letter to the department of health, enquiring about the various health hazards caused by drug abuse.
  2. A) FROM



Sivaji Nagar



The Director

Public Health Department



Sub:- To know various health hazards caused by drug abuse

I am very happy to say that I am a Plus Two student in a reputed School of the city. As a student-counselor of this School, I would be very happy if you could provide me with more information about the over use of drugs and its health hazards. Very recently, I came to know that my friend Abijith is in the verge of being a drug addict. I want to stop him from his bad habit.

According to Indian scenario, the new curse attacking our society is the menace of drug abuse. It is spreading in our culture than any other social evils. The young generation is very much addicted to this and they become the victims of loneliness and depression. People get different health problems like liver sclerosis, Cancer, etc…. It makes the people unfit and self-centered. Most of the confusions take place in our State due to this excessive use of drugs. So I humbly request you to share me some more information about this.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am waiting for a positive reply soon.

Yours faithfully                                                                                                          IDUKKI

NAME & SIGNATURE                                                                                                                DATE

  1. 2. “Damage to brain is the most subtle, most often unrecognized and least understood consequence of drug abuse.” Prepare an essay on the topic “The Hazards of Drug abuse.”(March 2016)

A) Drug abuse is a serious menace disturbing our modern society.  It has become a trend today to indulge in drugs. Teenagers and the youngsters are mainly affected by this. The addiction of drugs is also a growing menace. It has a negative effect on the mental and physical health of the individual. Alcohol, heroine, cocaine, opium, marijuana are some of the drugs abused by the people.

Generally the youth seem to be the target of this drug menace and its abuse. Curiosity, peer pressure and availability of drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol are the immediate cause of drug abuse. The ‘naked’ advertisement of alcohol, cigarettes and other non-medicated drugs influence the youngsters to get addicted to it.

“Curiosity”, it is said “kills the cat”. The youth of today are very curious. This curiosity becomes fatal and it leads to their death. Many youth indulge in drug-trafficking. Today a lot of youth are involved in the drug trade. It has become the attitude of the youth, “make money quick”.

Prolonged use of drugs affects the user’s judgement and thinking ability. This leads to complex social, medical and psychological pro blems. Certain drugs such as alcohol and marijuana tend to arouse the sexual feelings of the user.

Drug addicts lose money and health. One who is addicted to it can not do without it. They lose the joy of life. They often pilfer money from house. Sometimes they seek it by unlawful means.  A drug abuse person loses his confidence and self-esteem. He finds it difficult to behave normally in social environment. Drug-consumption leads to violence in the society.

Children in schools around the world should be encouraged to participate in the drug education. The principle, ‘say no to drugs, say yes to life’ should be encouraged in the schools.


WRITER : Dr. Hardin B Jones
Born on June 11, 1914, in Los Angles, California, USA
Parents: Ms. Maude Blair & Mr. Hardin Henry Jones
Education: From University of California
Profession: Started career as Assistant Professor of Physiology and rose to rank of Professor at Berkeley.
Then became Assistant Director of Donnet Labortaory, University of California
Died after a brief illness on 16 February 1978, in Berkeley, California.
Book: ‘Sensual Drugs: Deprivation and Rehabilitation of the Mind’,
co-authored by his wife, Helen Cook
This essay is a timely warning to the modern society about DANGERS OF DRUG ABUSE
1. to prevent & cure physical disease
2. to reverse mental disturbance
. The popular belief that any illness can be relieved by taking a pill – This led to Drug Abuse
. People depend upon drugs not to solve their problems but to forget them.
Over dependence on drugs to solve problems lead to lose of the capacity to deal with life’s situations through perseverance, self-discipline and mental effort.
HIPPOCRATES: Father of medicine says
a) A remedy must take into Account
i. Symptoms of Disease,
ii. General health of the Patient
b) Person in good health losses strength by taking purgative medicine
i. It gives strong sense of pleasure.
ii. Stimulates the brain’s pleasure centres.
Brain governs sensations, moods, thoughts & actions. Sensual drugs upset this mechanisms that control pleasure &  satisfaction.

This weakens brain’s pleasure reflexes & in severe addiction pleasure mechanisms fail to respond. Later the brain is unable to interpret it as pleasure

Only Naturally attained pleasure can give total satisfaction.
I, feels physical discomfort & in personality changes,
II, feels depressed & fails to respond,
II, psychotic disorder & distrust of others,
IV, feels people are looking at him strangely
V, feels dead inside
VI, harmful side effects
VII, death from overdose,
VIII, decline of health & brain function,
IX, mental mechanism responds abnormally,
A great deal of harm will be done before warning symptoms occur
X, Damage to Brain (Most subtle but least understood) – upset chemical balance
of brain’s communication
X1, Damage to cell tissue
Reasons for drug related disorders
i, Dirty needles and solution used for injecting
Effects:- liver disease, venereal disease, infection of kidney and brain
ii, sniffing of cocaine & other drugs
Effects:- damage of the tissue of the nose, hair to fall out.
iii, Smoking marijuana & tobacco
Effects:- lung disease, damage cells.
iv, women addicted to drugs
Effects:- babies born with withdrawal symptoms.
v, an overdose of any of sensual drugs
Effects:- respiratory or cardiac failure and death.
It is a study on the effects of drugs in brain – damage of brain is the most
subtle, most often unrecognised & least understood consequence of drug abuse

The photo given here is the only reliable photo of the writer.(the photo does not match with that of the textbook of +2 English of kerala higher secondary education.)

Note Prepared by

thomas a a
ghss kattoor, thrissur



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