Teaches at University of San Francisco, Practices psychotherapy, Extracted from story collection Sleeping in Velvet (1997)

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TITLE – Fruit refers to the multimedia  – Concept of virtual world

CHARACTERS IN THE STORY Four characters – Greta (Daughter) – Father – Mother – Joel (Son)

GRETA’S CHARACTER – Girl of 16 – Couldn’t perform activities as normally as others – Often repeated whatever she heard – Went to special school

  • THE STORY – Father wanted to share about a new site – Only Greta showed interest – Took her to show where she could make up streets and bowls of fruit – Asked what she wanted – Created a street called “Greta’s Street”, a house called “Greta’s House” Placed bowls in every room – Peaches everywhere – Eleven windows covered with white curtains – Clicked bowls – word peaches appeared – Greta expected real peaches to appear – Father said – the words remind what they stand for – Didn’t cry but closed her eyes – Created a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bedroom, a room for cat – But no bathroom – not a real house – Smiled the next time when the word peaches appeared – The house could have anything – But Greta will never have a house of her own – Would live in a group house with people like her – Father hopes the house to be large and as Greta wanted.
  • CONCLUSION – Multimedia and internet helps to create a virtual world – Helps people to get satisfaction to some extent

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