DELTA, Thrissur is a professional organization of the Higher Secondary English Language Teachers of Thrissur District.  DELTA aims at the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of its members to face the challenges in the field of ELT.

DELTA, Thrissur has mapped its future projects in the form of seminars, workshops and interactive discussions in order to help the English Language Teachers to update themselves with the current trends in ELT.


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  1. Dear teachers,
    About the presentations given above, let me add -while transacting the lesson in the class, the teachers can click ‘pause’ and give their children a chance to read the slides fully. The teacher has to do some homework for that. That is all. Again the musical background will have a soothing effect. Music after the pause helps them learn better. It is actually because of the demand of students I have converted my ppps into movie with music.

    • I am Raveendran KS.The WINGS OF ENGLISH released -a module to help the students within an orbit od simple limited vocabulary -a self learning meterial published on 07-01-2014. One /two prints had been sent to all schools of Kodungallut taluk.

      • Please give a soft copy if you can as it will benefit all teachers, and it can be published in this site if you permit.
        we miss you sir from last cluster onwards. Thomas GHSS Kattoor, Irinjalakuda

  2. Here is a suggestion. I have noticed that many of the notes and presentations on this site are copied from other sites. Copying someone else’s content or ideas and showing off them as your own in a site for teachers is not a delicate thing to do. Publish links instead and show respect to the original authors. That is the way the internet grows. Otherwise teachers will become robbers. Let us be good models to our students.

  3. Can we discuss the problems related to our jobs also ?Or is there any special sites to discuss the post creation,sanctioning of junior posts in English etc?

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